*Please note outfit numbers are recommendations. You may add more outfit changes if you choose, however, this will result in less time taking photographs. 
- Phone Photos add-on for a candid look: $85
- Profile Consultation Package: $50
- Bio Help ($25)
- Order of Photos & Opinion of overall profile ($25)
- Additional People: $50 (for 1-3 additional people) + $10 per edited pic

Whether you're looking for candid city shots or nature-inspired photos, we'll work together to choose the perfect location for your shoot. From urban streets to scenic parks, we'll explore different settings until we find the ideal backdrop for your photos.

To kick off the shoot, we can start at a cozy coffee shop or a designated meeting spot, and then make our way to various locations within the area. Depending on your preferences, we can also consider other options like:
- A beach or lakeside for a refreshing coastal vibe
- A colorful garden or flower field for a whimsical atmosphere
- A bustling market for a lively and energetic ambiance

No matter where we go, I'll make sure to capture your unique personality and style in every shot. Let's make your outdoor shoot a memorable experience!
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